Gamestop Gets Exclusive Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Controller

Sony has announced an exclusive deal with Gamestop for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which lets people complement their collection with a custom controller.  You can get your mittens on the DualShock 3 Wireless Controller in February, for a price of $59.99.

Playstation 3 dualshock Lightning returns final fantasy gamestop exclusive controller

It’s quite an odd design, with painted lightning across the mold of the device, but some may like it. It also features a symbol circle on the left-hand side, where the directional buttons are. Other than that, there is no real mention of either Lightning or Final Fantasy anywhere to be seen on the smoothly black controller, unless you count the “XIII” put on the back.

And here we thought that Gamestop is an evil corporation enabling used sales, which is the scourge of the industry. Apparently, that doesn’t stop them from landing exclusive deals with major companies. We couldn’t resist; sorry.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is soon upon us. We can all get excited about that.


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