Unity Engine Starts Games Label – Diablo-like ‘Archangel’ Video, Screenshots and Release Date

It looks like the Unity engine is stepping up to Epic Games and their Unreal Engine, as the company now has a Unity Games label, firing off Archangel on iOS and Android this week. This rather impressive feature that goes back to the age of Diablo action roleplaying games will land on January 9, 2014.

Archangel, diablo, rpg, ios, android, mobile, gameplay, screenshots, unity

In this isometric landscape of stone ruins  and monsters, you play as the Archangel, sent to perform justice upon your enemies, in a series of touch controls. Tapping, sliding or holding control of the screen will trigger assaults like lunges, lightning strikes, fireballs and resurrections.

There are 30 levels in total and after each one, you can choose to gather your loot or go double or nothing on the next round. Stats can be enhanced with better armor and weapons to make sure you hit those high scores popping up in the game’s announcement trailer.

Furthermore, Oren Tversky of Unity Games stated: “Archangel is the first of a number of ‘core’ releases from our new publishing division.” With the versatility of the engine and the expertise behind the company, we’d be intrigued to see what the studio has to offer, beyond the announced games on their page.

Also, we have screenshots.


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