Get Even Video On PC, PS4, Xbox One Shows “Real” Visuals, Details Plot, Gameplay And Screenshots

If you’d like a look into the future, then you should probably keep Get Even on your watch list. It recently brought out a list of details, along with a teaser of its nearly real visuals, which may or may not be actual footage. You decide.

If it’s any indication, the developer stated:

This teaser contains few live-action shots. It was meant to show how reality can mix with in-game elements. All locations are actual part of the game in the exact form shown in teaser

To create its lifelike environments, the game uses technology that scans the real word in 3D, which then gets blended with lighting effects. In the short teaser, we can see truly decaying structures, which go as far as to show paint chippings.

Furthermore, the announcement comes with a few details of what you’ll accomplish in the game.  With Get Even, developer The Farm 51 hopes to blend multiplayer and singleplayer into a dual story line. Players will reenact the memories of their characters in the game, which will affect how the plot and their personality unfold. In the clip, we can see this switching between a group of soldiers and a seemingly distraught woman tied to a chair.

When in singleplayer missions, players connected to a network can have others join in as their enemies, which should create some tension as to what enemies are controlled by artificial intelligence and which aren’t. If our experience in multiplayer games is any indication, the weirdly hopping people will most likely be human.

Not unimportantly, the game also states you’ll be able to fire weapons around corners. When paired to a smartphone in-game, this device can run applications to enhance capabilities further. Customization will be possible in Get Even.

This is quite the adventurous project for The Farm 51, which previously showed its visual prowess in games like Deadfall Adventures and Painkiller Hell & Damnation. This studio has 60 employees and is entirely self-funded. That’s not a bad thing to sustain.

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We just hope they know what women tied to chairs and simulated torture will do to their rating, as Metal Gear Solid V was recently tagged M for Mature, due to sexual violence.

We also have some screenshots, because we always have screenshots.


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