Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Releases Raunchy 90s Fun On Ouya

If you’ve been itching to get more use out of your Ouya, then you can breathe easy as Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge has just hit digital shelves. This action adventure takes us back to classically pixelated action adventure games for $9.99, which comes with 1.5 levels for free, as a demo.

In Ultionus, Serena S gets trolled on Spacebook, which we’ll assume is a jab at Facebook. That’s reason enough for this side-scrolling quest to commence across seven different environments. During travels, you’ll encounter a mix of crazy, colorful enemies roaming around saccharine locations.

This game lives and breathes the quirky feel of early nineties arcade and console releases. Periodically, platform sections done on foot will make way for a side-scrolling shooter, where rounded features make action seem a little cuter, like in Parodius. You might even ride a dinosaur. It’s the total package.

In that same spirit of ages past, some of the character art is “raunchy,” as it would’ve previously been labeled. A fierce, bubbly woman sits at the forefront of destruction, go-go boots on and gun in hand. It’s probably some of the most light-hearted entertainment to release on Ouya in a while. You can let go of Fist of Awesome and Towerfall for a second.

ultionus sexy game girl boob jiggle pixel gif

Oh, you might also enjoy the pulsing beats from composer Jake Kaufman. You may know his work in Mighty Switch Force and Double Dragon Neon. You can grab the soundtrack for any price you want on his bandcamp.

Legend of Iya action advenutre pc steam gameplay screenshot

In August, the developer also successfully funded a $75,000 Kickstarter project called Legend of Iya, which features similar qualities, but in a more Metroid-style level scheme. We like what we’re seeing so far from that as well. It already got approved through Steam Greenlight.


4 thoughts on “Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Releases Raunchy 90s Fun On Ouya

      • I had to back Legend of Iya cuz it looks super awesome! And I did enjoy the little bit of the demo I played. I haven’t played this yet cuz I still haven’t gotten a Steam key for it. lol I do have the download available. Just have an impossible amount of games to play.

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