NASCAR ’14 Skips Xbox – Release Date, Trailer And Cover Art Revealed

Whether you asked for it or not, a NASCAR ’14 video game is headed your way in a few months. You’ll be able to partake in the racing game in March of 2014, with a Playstation 3 release for €49.99 and a price of €39.99 on PC in Europe. Sorry that you’re missing out, Xbox fans.

We’ve got a short promotional trailer to get you ready for the excitement. I kind of wished that Lightning McQueen would come out of that truck.

Aside from our press release, you’ll notice any missing branding for Xbox in this trailer.

This year’s edition will feature NASCAR Highlights, which recreates some of the biggest races in the season to a point. Cars, positions and weather conditions stay the same, but you get to be a controlling element in it, to see if you can turn the tides.

For more traditional means, you can turn to Career mode, which includes climbing your way to the top with a custom build. You’ll also be needing to collect sponsorships for funds and put resources into research and development for better gear.

Naturally, this official edition comes with the cars, teams, tracks and drivers from the sport. You’ll also be able to dive into statistics, rankings and so on.

Multiplayer games support drop in, drop out server browser functions, tournaments and will have matchmaking to pair you up nicely.

All jokes aside, this game has the confidence of publisher Deep Silver, known for the Metro: Last Light and Saints Row IV releases. Also, developer Eutechnyx has an extended line of experience when it comes to racing releases. They are, however, collectively responsible for Ride to Hell: Retribution, but we won’t count that as a fully focused racing title.

Over 700,000 people cast their vote for which driver could grace their cover. After the final verdict, Tony Stewart, the three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, has come out victorious. Here’s how the cover art looks like on PS3 and PC.


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