Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2 Is Free On Steam – Say Goodbye To Your Weekend

Say goodbye to your weekend right now, because you’ll be playing Saints Row IV and/or Company of Heroes 2 pretty much non-stop. Digital platform Steam announced that both these titles will have a free weekend, along with a sizable discount, throughout this weekend. It should cover just about any sort of gamer, both action-oriented and strategic ones.


I don’t know what else you’d like to know about it, except that Saints Row IV has a Metacritic rating of 86 and is pretty fun. You’ll need to be able to take a joke though, as noted in our nut shot article.


In Company of Heroes 2, a lot of focus is given to the weather elements, pitting players against the harshness of winter. This war game also has a sizable Metacritic rating of 80, so you’ll probably have a good time.

Both these games are ashes raised anew from the demise of publisher THQ. They were picked up by Deep Silver, who also picked up Metro: Last Light and Sega. You know who Sega is.


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