Ambitious PC Indie Game Heroes of a Broken Land Is Both 4X And Dungeon Crawler

Explorers looking to lose a few hundred hours can look to Heroes of a Broken Land, as the PC game just launched a release build. This crazy ambitious title rolls up both the conquest of 4X strategy with a traditionally random dungeon crawler.

Starting by choosing a wizard representing a certain deity affiliation, players can build up a town to recruit adventurous parties and so on. With those, they can go to a map and explore their surroundings. Environments are littered with treasure, possible allies and a stack of dungeons to go through.

Each dungeon has procedurally generated content inside, which means monsters to kill, traps to disarm and plenty of loot to collect. Fighting adds experience, which helps raise the level of any given character class.

Aside from that, Heroes of a Broken Land even allows for exploration with multiple parties at once. Classes come with their own skills, equipment and so forth.

From the short time we’ve spent on it, we can tell this is going to be one for strategy fans to keep an eye on. An hour on just discovering a tiny part of this game is easily lost. If you possess any overlap on randomly generated content from strategy games and dungeon crawlers, you’ll love Heroes of a Broken Land.

Its visuals are not of this age anymore though, taking obvious inspiration from the first Civilization and Wizardry titles. Additionally, the interface is a bit clunky and can do with a bit more info. Personally, I enjoy the homage to the old titles, but it’s clearly not going instantly catch everyone. What it doesn’t bring in the eye candy department, however, it stows away in a nearly endless game.

Just in case you’re not convinced yet, Heroes of a Broken Land has an incredibly generous demo that opens up the entire world, but limits a party to level 6. It’s currently also vying for attention on Steam Greenlight. Go vote for it, maybe.

You can find, try and buy Heroes of a Broken Land here.

Thanks, IndieRPGs.


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