A Few Free PC Mods May Keep You From Buying Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

Today, publisher Capcom announced Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition, coming to Steam for just $19.99 or a less fair €19.99, because Europeans suck, apparently. Anyway, this PC remake coming to Steam should finally bring an easily functional adventure to the master race.

It isn’t the first PC port though; that one came in 2007 at the hand of Ubisoft. If you still have that laying around somewhere, there are ways to update your copy to a newer version. That’s what mods were made for.

There’s a one-stop shop to clear up those murky visuals of old, though that won’t really do much for the overall brown tone of the game. A complete HD texture pack can be found here.

We’ll post a comparison shot of the new version with this one. It’s quite difficult to spot any difference, as environments in the Ultimate edition are still quite angular. There are, however, slight spots here and there that are better, depending on what you prefer. Mod textures are surprisingly sharper than the flat Ultimate ones, but have slightly less detail within than the more varied new version. We think that, overall, the HD texture map is a cleaner look, but you may disagree. It is a close call either way.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Hd edition texture mod comparison shot

For just a little more of that “next gen” feel, you can’t go wrong with drowning visuals in light, so a bloom mod should smoothen things even more. You can find it here.

Since you’ll be looking at it quite a bit, there’s a mod to turn Leon’s bowl cut into a more realistic hairdo as well. Quite frankly, it even looks better than what Capcom is pulling off on Ultimate HD. You can find that mod here.

Resident Evil 4 HD ultimate Leon haircut mod

While you won’t get the 60fps of the new edition, by default, it is possible to unlock the framerate to the faster tempo, but that also means you’ll be playing the game on elevated speed. You may want to make sure you can handle that.

Also, if you want to try out FPS controls, there’s a small mouse aim mod as well that can be downloaded here.

There’s documentation inside the links on how to get the mods installed to the proper directories, though in the pre-Steam era, you may have to delve a little deeper. Doing so, you can uncover some skin adaptations to put in different characters in the game and more.

Or, you know, just stick to the standard laziness of digital downloads and purchase the game again at 20 bucks a pop, until Capcom decides to upgrade to 4K and makes you pay again. We’ll give you a nice set of screenshots released for Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition below.


3 thoughts on “A Few Free PC Mods May Keep You From Buying Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

  1. Ultimate HD will have dynamic lights and effects, while the old PC port, which i modded to Death, got only static approximated light. It DOES make a ton of difference, since static light lacks a moltitude of effects, such as torches and fires lighting up stuff, lighting strikes lighting up the environment and the enemies during the night levels and so on. Even modding the old version to death, it looks static, and even with HD texture mods it looks worse than the ultimate with dynamic lights. Also, ultimate HD have real time cutscenes, while old 2007 port modded can only get HD cutscenes from mods, but not real time. Also, HUD in HD are not working well with mods (they give problems and have limitations when trying to use them with other mods), while ultimate version have them with no problems. Also, modders are already at work to improve the ultimate HD. Considering how they improved the old version, with a 100X times better base to work on, the final result will be 100x better than the old version modded. At 20$, if you love Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4 in particular, it’s Worth it. 2007 port was the worst port ever, and no mod could bring it really on par with the other versions

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