Construct 2 Gets Nintendo Wii U Support To Easily Make 2D Games

Despite a bump in the road for Nintendo, the recent announcement of development tool Construct 2 supporting the Wii U should bring an influx of games to the console. This program uses HTML5 to create 2D games in several genres, from platform titles to roleplaying games.

With the support, Nintendo-authorized developers will be able to quickly build new projects or port existing ones to Wii U by using the Nintendo Web Framework. Becoming a developer for the company is a mere matter of signing up for application.

Construct 2 is free to use and facilitates game development through the automation of many operations, making coding less of an issue. You can drag and drop a variety of things to make your game and preview it as you go. There’s a downloadable version on Steam, if you want to start from there.

Publishing on Nintendo Wii U, however, will come with a few costs to anticipate. First off, this option is only available to those who purchase a Construct 2 license starting at €99.99 and climbing just a tad, in case you seek to be self-sufficient with developing games. A license traditionally unlocks tiers beyond that of PC development. More importantly, you’ll need a Wii U development kit to test your work. Those are a little more expensive and can cost in the ball park of $2500. For that price though, you’ll be in a rather shallow pool of competitors on the Nintendo eShop, if you adopt early. It can be a lucrative expense, if you have your plans in order. We wouldn’t advise just messing around with the tools for the first time. That’s what you have the PC development stage for.

Since Nintendo is always hurting for outsider support, Construct 2 pledging their cooperation is definitely a beneficial deal. For one, Construct is only outdone by the powerful Unity engine that vowed support earlier. In turn, Nintendo can certainly use games that are relatively easy  and therefore quick to produce.


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