50 New Steam Greenlight Titles Try To Sell A Bunch Of Free Youtube Clips Called GTGD S1

For the second time this month, Valve’s digital store has approved a set of 50 projects on Steam Greenlight; some of whom may surprise you. It features a variety of games, but also software releases and one in particular from the latter is the odd man out: Gamer To Game Developer Series 1 or GTGD S1 for short is a set of Youtube videos, up for sale.

Don’t just flame-type something about consumerism just yet. There’s a line of logic as to why these clips are being sold through Steam. For starters, the series entails a batch of tutorials on how to create an entire game project; in this case it’s a multiplayer shooter, built from scratch through use of the free Unity engine and C# programming. In total, this step by step guide is going to take you over 30 hours, just to watch back to back. That’s without actually pausing clips and trying things out for yourself. Over a full day of recording was put into this. That would look pretty bulky as a DVD box set, next to your Lord of the Rings collection.

Its extensiveness is also where the sales pitch comes in. You see, GTGD S1 probably took a ton of time and resources to prepare. With 30 hours on the clock, all the end-user sees is the result of otherwise tons of work. Aside from general extended experience needed to produce an all-in-one guide, there also is time that goes into planning episodes, laying out what points to discuss, how to progress and so on. All that, at the very least, takes up an incredible amount of man hours to feed and sustain a person with the needed equipment that comes with it.

GTGD S1 youtube video game development guide series

In this sense, it’s not unlike the Tropes vs Women in Video Games series made by Anita Sarkeesian, which needed $6000 for various research and resource costs. Except, in the case of GTGD S1, everything is given to you upfront, with the hopes that you’ll be generous enough to also contribute to the learning experience. Just think of what normal courses may cost, out in the real world. This is conveniently available for you, whenever you need it.

On the series’ website, the first season of tutorials is marked at a price of $29.99, which previously stood at $79.99. Likely, the Steam version will be gravitating towards that new estimate.

If you really can’t get behind GTGD S1, just remember that Indie Game: The Movie is very much a thing on Steam too and even has downloadable content (DLC) now.


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