GOG Starts DRM-Free Time Machine Sale Tomorrow That Lets Gamers Extend Or Kill Deals

Starting tomorrow, digital distribution storefront Good Old Games, which you all know as GOG.com, will launch a DRM-Free Time Machine Sale. It will, once more, give its community some agency over the deals that are running for a ton of classic PC titles.

By voting, people can add or subtract a second to any currently running sale. Additionally, it’s possible to purchase a game and add some time to the total of the deal as well.

This promotion is in a similar line as its Insomnia Sale, where a limited amount of keys would be up for grabs, instantly shifting to another discount once the current game was depleted. It’s GOG.com’s modus operandi to find new ways to promote games, much like a charity-driven sale before that. We enjoy that news a lot more than their recent forced removal of Fallout games from their catalog.

If you want an exact time to start checking and burden the servers, the sale starts on January 28, 2014 at 2PM GMT, which is also 9AM EST. Games will include Wizardry, Deus Ex and Legend of Grimrock, which might receive a price cut as deep as going for $0.59.

A short trailer for the DRM-Free Time Machine Sale can get you pumped already.


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