Bundle Gameplay – Indiegala January + Full Bundle Giveaway

Well, we wanted to get right back into gear with streaming gameplay from current bundle deals, but it seems Twitch has been dealing with severe issues lately. We’re still having trouble syncing up it seems, but we’re also still dedicated to bringing you the latest news, such as the Indiegala January bundle. It only has one day left though, so watch the clip and head right on down there, certainly as this is one of the better deals that has graced bundles.

Ballpoint Universe Indiegala January pc steam game bundle screenshots

A big selection of 10 games are present in this deal, with really generous offerings for new Steam games like Ballpoint Universe and Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage. Its biggest draw is Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut though. That game alone is worth €25.

We’ll be playing Ballpoint Universe, because its visual style is just amazing. It’s a bit choppy, due to those aforementioned problems, but it should give you a rundown. Oh, we also have multiple bundles to give away from this. That’s right; full bundles of all 10 titles, worth a ton of cash.

Make sure you click through to Youtube and watch the video for giveaway details.

If you just wanted games, you should definitely hit Indiegala January here.

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