Star Trek Online MMO Celebrates 4th Anniversary With Infographic And Recap Video

Here’s a little game you might not remember, called Star Trek Online, which has been doing pretty great on its own for 4 years now. It’s celebrating its anniversary with a recap of the things that have happened, as well as a look towards the future.

In the clip show, we see how the huge expansion from Legacy of Romulus brought an entire new faction to the game. This also spawned new worlds and a fleet of additional ships. Later on, there were also things to explore with jetpacks and the arrival of a mining outpost.

One of the more important updates from last year was Michael Dorn, reprising his role as the Klingon warrior Worf in the game itself. That’s pretty impressive fan service right there.

Then, players were not just given one, but two huge expansions with The Sphere events, which brought a persistent ground battle world for the first time. That installment also allowed you to stake your claim in the universe and store your ships in your new home. It’s pretty swanky.

During the holidays, you could fight snowmen in Q’s Winter Wonderland. That hasn’t been done since Clay Fighters.

In Season 8.5, you’ll now encounter another star of the show. Actor Tim Russ will welcome players in his role of Admiral Tuvok. This event is available for players starting at level 10.

Moreover, the missions will yield unique ship equipment and 400 Qmendations. This form of currency can be put towards an event reputation project, leading to a Dyson Science Destroyer.

There are tons of statistics to munch on as well. We’ll put this nice Star Trek Online infographic, but scroll to the bottom, where you’ll also find a slew of screenshots.

Also, we’d love to hear if you’re still an active member of the Star Trek Online community, so leave a message in the comments.

Star Trek Online free to play mmo rpg pc game infographic statistics


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