FaceRig Cam Technology Gets Separate Steam Greenlight Approval Through Feedback

With just a few days on the clock of its funding campaign, upcoming technological gadget FaceRig has been approved through Steam Greenlight and therefore will be added to the storefront. This wasn’t done through the traditional batch of names released by Valve, but rather on a separate basis, through press and community feedback. On their Indiegogo campaign, Holotech Studios states:

We had a Greenlight Concept page on Steam, and from all the feedback posted there, and here, and all over the web from you good folks, FaceRig got Greenlit for Steam without the need of another approval stage.

facerig webcam skype technology real time gif

FaceRig is a neat little trick an impressive tool that allows you to turn your webcam feed into an instantly adapted scene animation of your choosing. Complete with facial expressions, the program can capture whatever you’re doing and put it on the face of any chosen creature in real-time. This would do wonders for low-level motion capture or even just livestreaming and other popular applications.

So far, it gives users the choice between a few cute animals, demons, anime characters and so on. We’re guessing it won’t be long before we see ponies doing things. Call it a hunch.

There are multiple tiers to FaceRig, from its standard use, currently priced for just a ridiculously low $5, to more professional licenses. You can find the FaceRig Indiegogo campaign here.


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