Prison Architect Alpha 17 Adds Armory, Armed Guards, Forest And Object Filter

Managers can find Alpha 17 for Prison Architect in their game now. It primarily adds some weaponry options to the growing PC game.

An armory can now be built, which yields armed guards, though more options will follow in later updates. These guards have a large Suppression effect, making all nearby inmates pipe down automatically. Should things go wrong, they are authorized to use their weapons, which may include them fearing for their lives or witnessing an inmate trying to escape.

In addition, trees become a little more important with a forestry zone.  Saplings will automatically be planted, which grow up into trees and can be harvested, to get wood for the workshop. It should take about five days for a tree to grow to reap its rewards.

A final bit of polish is applied to the Objects toolbar. In the latest update, it will only show items relevant to the area you’re currently selecting. If, for some reason, you’d still like to see the other objects, you can still view those with an addition tab.

In the Alpha 17 patch notes, there are still a few adaptations found, such as urinating prisoners now showing particle effects. That’s nice.

Prison Architect Alpha 17 armory guard gameplay screenshot


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