The Witness From Jonathan Blow Adds Steam Controller Support

The Witness Pc Steam Machine Controller Support screenshot

Hey look, Steam controller support.

It seemed pretty inevitable; The Witness has added Steam controller support, as noted by a recent image put up on its development blog. It can be seen with the game running in the background.

Since some may forget that The Witness is not a Playstation 4 exclusive, but rather a timed deal, it could bear repeating. Eventually, the open world puzzles will land on PC and also iOS. Therefore, seeing support for SteamOS and Steam Machines is not out of the ordinary, since previous posts also hinted at Oculus Rift support.

The Witness is viewed from a first person perspective. Players roam over an island with different environments. In each section, they can complete a set of puzzles, revealing them more of the story. Eventually, they’ll need to unlock seven regions fully to beam lights towards a mountain, where the end will unfold.

The Witness originates from Jonathan Blow, the developer behind the platform game Braid, featured in Indie Game: The Movie. That certainly sets expectations high for this game.

Update: The blog now also shows the controller supported together with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.



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