Infographic For Free-to-Play Tribal Wars 10-Year Anniversary

We all love infographics. Publisher InnoGames has released one for Tribal Wars, because the free-to-play PC title is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Those unaware of the game may be surprised that the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game has since amassed over 110 million registered players.

With the infographic, which we’ll post below, the game will also receive a new edition of its Spring Games. These have pre-registrations up right now. Up to 10 players can bond together on a server, which will run at triple speed. After two months of warring villages, the 50 best will go to a final bout.

In the infographic, we get to see where all this mayhem originated from. Tribal Wars was built by just three people in 2003, before receiving a first English version in 2006. That’s also the date for the oldest world in the game right now, where there are still some players fighting against each other.

Its final visual overhaul stems from 2008, but it has since also been expanded towards mobile devices. Now, it’s possible to keep the fight going on both iOS and Android.

There are many more facts to be discovered, so check the infographic for Tribal Wars’ 10th anniversary here:

Free to play pc mmo Tribal Wars 10th anniversary infographic

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