The Fear Spreads – How To Survive On Steam At 75% Discount

Publisher 505 Games continues to dump games, as How To Survive is slashed at a 75% discount on Steam today. It’s the lesser extent of its troubling practices we discussed yesterday, when it was revealed that PC shooter Takedown: Red Sabre is almost given away at a 90% cut until February 17, 2014.

In our previous example, the shooter had been out for five months. For this deal, How To Survive has been going on for a little over three months, with equally tepid reception. That means, it’s now entering worthless territory and so, you can pick it up for €3.49.

How To Survive Pc steam sale dump

If the title didn’t give it away, How To Survive uses the survival zombie genre for its isometric adventure. Players are tasked with gathering up resources, with a side of hunting for food and fending off waves of undead. Within, there’s also a roleplay character enhancement design. Those known to the style can mix together Project Zomboid with State of Decay and get an idea of what this game is like.

With a reception currently giving it a decent yet not stellar 58 rating on Metacritic, interest in the game has been low. It’s not like it’s pitching a new idea, but still. Read our previous post for our take on having fairly new releases with giant discounts. At least, How To Survive is only up for a day. Expect Rekoil to see a similar treatment soon, very soon.

You can find How to Survive on Steam here.


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