10 Seconds Ninja Fights Hitler’s Nazis On Steam Soon

Publisher Mastertronic has announced that they’ll be bringing 10 Second Ninja to PC on March 5, 2014. You may remember that company from the recent release of Speedball 2 HD.

10 second Ninja Pc game steam

Anyway, this new game will test a player’s reflexes, by putting them in stages than need to be completed in fewer than 10 seconds. It does the whole Warioware, Half Minute Hero thing of setting each challenge in a quick fire round.

Action will be directed in a simply drawn 2D setting. By maneuvering through platforms and slashing up the enemies within, the goal can be reached for 40 stages.

There’s an announcement trailer that shows some of that, in fittingly short fashion. Still, the game will cost $9.99, which is technically also fewer than 10. We see what you did there, game.

Also, the 10 Second Ninja will fight Hitler’s Nazi robots? We thought the Asian culture was in favor of forties’ fascism. Perhaps it’s not fully historically accurate.


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