Broforce Reveals Steam Early Access In Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for Broforce on PC reveals some explosive gameplay for the side-scrolling shooter and otherwise general brawling feature. It’s presented in pixel art varying from simpler models to some pretty cleanly detailed bosses.

Broforce Pc steam early access - bronan

In the clip, we get introduced to a few new characters, each inspired on some movies. Up first, Bronan is a mighty warrior with loin cloth strapped and blade in hand. Then, there’s Brochete, which is a delicious name for a mustached bro with tons of knives to fling. At the end, there’s even a pixel rendition of Neo from the Matrix. Brotix, it is then, we presume? Just “Bro” for Neo wouldn’t really fit, though he is the one. Oh, our friend Rambo also makes an apparition in there and it’s better than his current project.

If exploding stuff, shooting stuff and getting shouted at for stuff isn’t getting you all riled up yet, then perhaps some killer bees or mounted swine will do the trick for you.

After its original conception at a Ludum Dare game creation sprint event, Broforce will finally be molded into a full release, expected on Steam Early Access in March.


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