Blackguards Balance Patch, Untold Legends DLC Details And Screenshots

PC strategy game Blackguards will receive an update and its first downloadable content (DLC) on March 4, 2014. It furthers the game from Daedalic Entertainment, who went on a tangent from its normal point and click adventure releases, to make a dark roleplaying game (RPG).

This DLC will be named Untold Legends. Incidentally, that’s also the name of one of the dullest RPG franchises ever released on PSP.

In the DLC, players will resume the story of Takate the slave. His origins from Southern Aventuria will be told, as well as how he became a captive. It will also be possible to take revenge on his captors.

For additional content, Untold Legends will drop 10 new battle maps, a few new quests, weapons and a selection of 25 previously unreleased songs. That’s a lot of tracks. It will cost $5.99 or €4.99. Those who purchased the Blackguards Contributor’s Edition, however, will receive this DLC for free.

Along with the DLC, Blackguards will patch the game for additional balancing. Hit chances will now become steadier and less dependent of talents. Moreover, the update shows a full battle log, along with dice rolls.

A few screenshots follow this announcement.


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