Reus Developer Announces New Game Renowned Explorers: International Society

Developer Abbey Games has announced their new game, called Renowned Explorers: International Society. It’s an exploration game for PC that will be set in late colonial times, somewhere in the Caribbean. Most people will remember Dutch studio Abbey Games from their indie hit Reus, which offered a building simulation mixed with god game elements, on a smooth, circular world.

Players will be charged with embarking on an expedition, together with a team of unique characters, who each come with their own skill tree. This team has to find the most exotic treasure possible to find fame and fortune at the upcoming World Expo.

A Victorian style will be applied to some of this distinguished adventuring. Moreover, both real and mythical elements may present themselves during searches.

Renowned Explorers: International Society will also make use of a conversation system. Any combat that may take place in the game will follow a turn-based model. Some of the things noted as inspiration include Jules Verne, Indiana Jones, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, and Fire Emblem.

To ensure a new experience each time, maps, treasures and so on will be randomly generated.

Some images for Renowned Explorers: International Society were released along with the announcement. We can feel the adventuring spirit calling us already. Additionally, the PC game has a website, which features a timer for some more content to be revealed in a few days. A quick tip: Throw the gramophone off the table if you happen to get sick of its tunes.


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