Starpoint Gemini 2 Gets Some Shiny Screenshots

Things are steady as she goes for Starpoint Gemini 2, but the strategy title from Iceberg Interactive just released some new screenshots, because it can. They sure do look all shiny.

In most of the shots, you’ll be able to see one of many ship types surrounded by some colorful nebula. There may perhaps even be a solar flare here or there.

Along with the assets, the game itself is also still receiving frequent updates, with two more being provided just a few days ago. Performance was enhanced, by optimizing asteroid fields, which can take some processing power to calculate. Keeping all audiences in mind, the last update even took the most care of the lowest of settings, to ensure the optimization there.

Further on, later updates promise to tackle shield reload times when outside of combat. Now, we had some Starpoint Gemini 2 screenshots for you. Here they are:


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