Top 5 Epic Moments In Titanfall

It’s been a crazy weekend of playing the Titanfall Beta over and over, until that whole level 14 cap thing happened. That didn’t stop us from playing a bunch more though, because this game is just too good to put down. We’re excited to see a lot more form it, since that was just a taste.

Still, for those who didn’t jump in, for whatever reason, we’d like to remind you exactly why this shooter is a little more than your standard serving. Here are the 5 most awesome things you can witness in any given match of Titanfall:

Top 5 Titanfall Epic Moments - Embark

Titanfall Embark omnomnom

5. Get Eaten By Your Titan

No matter where you approach it from, your personal robot will be able to assist you inside the cockpit. There’s no better way to do so than to have it grab you and simply gobble you up like candy.

Top 5 Titanfall Epic Moments - Nuclear Injection

titanfall Nuclear Injection

4. Nuclear Explosion

That’s right. You can create your own nuclear holocaust by detonating your mech. It takes out anything in the immediate area that’s unfortunate enough to stay lingering. That’s both a powerful weapon and an awesome way to retreat.

Top 5 Titanfall Epic Moments - Titan Shield

Titanfall Force Push gif

3. Force Push

One of the better abilities the Titan possesses is the ability to caste a force field to block incoming salvos. Still, its most exhilarating feature is when these ballistics are simply hurled back at the enemy mech, sending them to an early grave.

Top 5 Titanfall Epic Moments - Melee Kick

Titanfall melee kick kill gif

2. Duke Nukem Kicks

With all the weaponry in the game, you’d think the coolest thing would be like a lightning shooting rocket cannon or something. Nope; kicking people to death, when there are so many other options, is just the absolute best.

Top 5 Titanfall Epic Moments - Titan Melee Kill

Titanfall Melee Crush Kill

1. Kill, Krush ‘n’ Destroy

If operating a ton of steel with brutally punishing weapons wasn’t enough, the mech is also capable of ripping out the enemy pilot. Peel that sucker like a peanut and then just chuck them away!


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