Gamefly 32% Discount On Thief Reboot Preorder Is A Steal. Get it? Steal?

There are multiple deals currently cutting the price of the Thief reboot on PC and the best one of those is on Gamefly. This version will net you a Steam key and allows for preloading the game right now.

To play the full thing, you’ll still need to wait until its release date. More specifically, the requirements in full state you’ll be able to access the stealth action game on Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at 4:01 PM PST.

Moreover, preorders receive an exclusive in-game mission, called The Bank Heist. In it, you’ll infiltrate the Stonemarket First Bank to recover an heirloom.

For perspective: Gamefly’s price for Thief is set at a 32% discount, while Steam only offers 10% for its preorder. That’s quite the drop. Also, Europeans can take advantage of the UK price, which is considerably lower at its original of £29.99 (about €38), than it is in Euros at €44.99.

Thief 2014 reboot

If you’re looking to own the game, perhaps this preorder thing isn’t such a bad idea, since you’ll be able to download it at your leisure. As the requirements state that you need 20GB of hard drive space, the game might be considerable in size.

On the other hand, there are rumors of the reboot being less favorable to the originals of yore. It’s been a decade of waiting though, so that time has done a lot to change the gaming realm since then. Preorders are risky business. You either go all-in or lose the incentives you are offered. Isn’t the life of a thief a bit of a gamble anyway?

If anything, we’re just excited to see Garrett again, after all this time. Since publisher Square Enix currently is on a rampage of crossover content with its properties, maybe he’ll show up elsewhere, even if the game doesn’t live up to lofty expectations. That’s a silver lining, right? Right?

You can find the 32% discount for the Thief reboot on Gamefly here.


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