Psychonauts Returns In N64 Tribute ‘A Hat In Time’ Alpha Release

Last year, A Hat In Time took to Kickstarter to make a game in the spirit of Nintendo 64 titles and sporting a Gamecube visual flair. This platform adventure “collect-a-thon” has now launched an Alpha build, after an extremely successful campaign.

Originally, the colorful title about a girl and her hat asked for $30,000. They nearly got tenfold that amount and were able to add a ton of stretch goals to their lineup. One of these goals was the ability to work with Grant Kirkhope, known for his composer prowess on the Nintendo 64. His accolades include Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

When looking at A Hat In Time, we’re instantly reminded of the Gamecube’s Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. This game was also recently brought back to Nintendo Wii U in an HD remake. A Hat In Time will try to get on the newest Nintendo console as well, though its only for PC players so far.

An Alpha release was launched this week and has already received some updates. One of the more notable things to be put in is a speedrun timer. It looks like the development team is planning ahead to have players make up their own rules.

A Hat In Time Psychonauts Raz

Additionally, the game looks like it will pay tribute to even more greats, other than just the Nintendo era of classics. In one of the game’s environments, we can see the outline of a figure resembling Raz from Psychonauts. Indie games love references. Previously, Steamworld Dig also had a nod towards Half-Life 3.

If you want to get into the Alpha for A Hat In Time, you’ll need to dig pretty deep. It’s available for anyone who preorders the game at $20 and pays $20 more for early access.


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