Gamefly 2K Games Sale Comes With Free Spec Ops: The Line Copy

There’s currently no stopping Gamefly’s assault on game deals, as its latest promotion puts up a ton of 2K Games for sale. It also discounted Thief to a pretty ridiculous low price for a brand new game and previously it dropped the hammer on several Sega games.

Gamefly 2K games sale

Even more generous, the current 2K deal comes with a free copy of Spec Ops: The Line when you purchase one of the titles up on offer. Nearly all the popular titles from the publisher are there and vary between 50% and 75% discounts. We’ll list some you may want to pick up right now.

  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – 75%
  • The Darkness 2 – 75%
  • Sid Meirer’s Pirates! – 75%
  • Ace Patrol series – 66%

Moreover, don’t forget that if the price isn’t up to your liking, you can still shave off an additional 20% off the discount price by using the following voucher:


Gamefly works with regional settings, so depending on where you are, remember to cut the ‘UK’ part of that code to make it work.

You can find the Gamefly 2K Games sale here.


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