Today on Reddit: GTA Mod Made In Old Runescape MMO

It’s been a bit quiet here the last few days, but there’s a ton of reviews coming in. Things like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 are pretty long and ridiculous to go through, so there’s been less time to get to writing. Anyway, here’s something totally ridiculous that might cheer you up.

Today on Reddit, a user chimed in with another totally awesome mod for coveted PC titles. This time, the thread on r/gaming revealed a total conversion of an ancient Runescape build transformed to look like Grand Theft Auto. Called Ghetto Online, the project is runs the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game pretty much the same way as it did before, but with modern items.

In the screenshots from the thread, we can see a parking lot filled with cards, people brandishing weaponry or partaking in some narcotic ecstasy. There’s even a McDonalds and a range of radio stations available. Also, there’s a terrorist with a bomb strapped to their chest, for some reason. That’s modern too, I guess.

Corny or not; we’d definitely be down to play some. There’s still no GTA V on PC, so something has to be done to make do. We’ll show you those screenshots below.


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