Grim Dawn Appends Classic Action RPG With Act II On Steam

Fans of Diablo who didn’t get what they really were yearning for in the spectacle that is Diablo III can maybe migrate to Grim Dawn, which just released its Act II update. Now, the Early Access PC title on Steam is twice as big and so offers roughly twenty hours more action roleplaying game (RPG).

Things included in this content update are 17 new quests, along with 106 new items to loot. There are 10 new enemy types to handle as well and, weirdly enough, 23 extra bosses. More bosses than mobs; we like that idea.

Grim Dawn Act II gameplay screenshot

Now, Grim Dawn isn’t exactly cheap. Its current Steam cost for Early Access is €24.99. Still, for that price, you’ll get an RPG that values replay over merely grinding. It’s said that the choices made in the game will have consequences for your progress later on. Moreover, it really captures that dark tranquility of old Diablo slashers with its isometric view and small models in crowded spaces.

Some other distinguishing characteristics for the game are its class system, which allows for combinations between Soldier, Demolitionist, Occultist and Nightblade. An Arcanist will be part of a later update. Crafting is a thing in the RPG as well and reputation with certain characters may yield additional rewards.

You can find Grim Dawn here.

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