Can 10 Second Ninja Make Tea In That Same Amount Of Time? Just Watch.

Dan Pearce is a man. Dan Pearce is making a video game called 10 Second Ninja. Dan Pearce tries to see if that same logic of split second mentality can apply to any aspect in life, like making tea for instance. Here’s how that goes for Dan Pearce:

So, you’ll need to be a little more proficient at slashing Hitler and his army of Nazi robots, than Dan Pearce is at making tea. Hopefully, Dan Pearce is a lot better at making games. We’ll find out on March 5, 2014. That’s when 10 Second Ninja will launch on Steam. Preorders for the game are up now and receive a 25% discount off the normal price. Everything in this game gets slashed, even the price.

10 second Ninja Pc game steam

Including this one, this article mentioned Dan Pearce seven times. That’s three times less than it would’ve taken to make Dan Pearce an equal 10, to resonate with the game title.

Dan Pearce.

Dan Pearce.


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