Both World Of Tanks And World of Warplanes MMO Soundtracks Free To Download Now

Fans of video game music can now find free soundtracks from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes on their respective sites. Publisher Wargaming has decided to make these tracks from their massively multiplayer online (MMO) games available to all, in a variety of formats.

World of Tanks

Some additional info on the music from those games: World of Tanks had its 37 original arrangements mastered at Abbey Road. This music studio gained world fame for its work with The Beatles. Recently, more games have been coming to the studio for their music. For instance, the multiplayer shooter Titanfall had its audio arrangements done there as well.

Music files are downloadable in either MP3, AAC or FLAC format and also available through iTunes and Google Music.

World of warplanes pc mmo online multiplayer

Download the free World of Tanks soundtrack here.

Download the free World of Warplanes soundtrack here.


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