Sign Up For Free Steam Games Through New DailyIndieGame Site

There’s a new portal to get cheap games that just popped up with the arrival of It allows for flexible prices on some lesser known titles, many of which are on Steam.

Starting at $0.99, users can put in any amount they want to receive a game on offer for a selected amount of time. Still, that’s not all the storefront has going. More importantly, you can sign up for a waiting list by putting in your mail details and possibly receive a free game in the process.

DailyIndieGame Free Steam Key

It works as follows: When a game is put on sale, a counter next to it indicates how many copies are sold. For each one copy sold, a person on the waiting list receives a free copy of the game. Those who sign up later will receive theirs if the counter reaches their number and so on.

This initiative is started by developer exosyphen studios, which is responsible for the Hacker series, where hacking is made into an entire game. It’s also its own game, Hacker Evolution: Untold, which gets put up for sale first. Since most of their titles have previously appeared in bundles, it makes sense that they’re taking control of their own sales.

Upcoming deals also have more neat titles worth looking out for, some of whom we’ve detailed in our bundle gameplay sessions. For instance, Fleet Buster offers an interactive tower defense game and Little Racers Street is just a neat racing game.

You can find here.


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