FaceRig Webcam Tool Site Hacker Came From Within Web Developer

There’s already an ending to the hacking story posted by FaceRig yesterday with some sort of silver lining. This webcam stream altering tool had its data compromised, leaving info of its Indiegogo campaign exposed, including backer passwords and perks.

Today, it posted an announcement with a silver lining to the story. Apparently, the source of the breach was done from within their web development company, TeamWEB, which had a disgruntled ex-employee post the sensitive information. In their latest update on Indiegogo, FaceRig posted:

We were informed that the person who has briefly posted the backer database yesterday on the forum was not a hacker, but an ex. TeamWEB employee who was let go following a conflict within TeamWEB. The nature of their internal conflict was payment for services rendered. It was not a web-site security issue that led to the data being posted by an external hacker.

facerig webcam skype technology real time gif

TeamWEB will press charges against the individual and seek the highest applicable penalty for the breach. In addition, the web developer has offered to do a full redo of the FaceRig site, free of charge, despite the breach not coming from external sources.

In turn, FaceRig has put up a short poll to determine their next course of action in regards to their web developer. In the choices given, the current landslide majority, with over 800 votes counted, is in favor of forgiving TeamWEB. That’s a rare and touching side to the internet.


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