Developer Milestone Announcing MotoGP 14 Today

Developer Milestone has a teaser countdown up on its site today, which will reveal their work on MotoGP 14. It’s coming any second now, but they’ve preloaded their back-end with the game already, so you’ll know about it just a little minute earlier. Sorry about spoiling the big surprise; that’s how internet reporting works.

Anyway, the details are set to come in with a few screenshots and an announcement video, so we’ll have those floating around as soon as they come in. You’ll still have most of that surprise intact. We all like surprises.

MotoGP 13

In the meantime, the company also released more work for MXGP, their motocross game. There are two new videos that will teach you how to handle bikes in their new, gritty environment. One clip shows off scrub control and the other one has basic bike handling.

Are you excited? Let us know.


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