Gamefly Rockstar Steam Sale Takes 75% Or 80% Off All Your Favorites

Never content with the oodles of money pouring in at all times, Rockstar Games is doing the rounds in sales and is now running a Gamefly promotion. Coincidentally, Gamefly is been packing lately as well, so the two make a good pairing. There are 21 items on sale with either a 75% or a 80% discount, so none of that “up to” mess. It’s all heavily cut, as cheap as it can possibly get.

All the favorites are there: Every Grand Theft Auto release, L.A. Noire, Max Payne, Manhunt and Bully. Nearly all PC games have a Steam key to redeem, by the way.

Gamefly Rockstar Games Sale

If that’s somehow still not up to really demanding standards, Gamefly still allows the application of its 20% off voucher on the discounted price tags. Simply use this code or the alternative without “UK” in other regions:


You can find the Gamefly Rockstar Games sale here.


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