Cubes Have Never Been As Cubical As In RPG Planets³

One of the games we’ve recently been drooling over is Planets³. That little 3 symbol there stands for cubes, so you know what that means. It’s a voxel-based sandbox thing on PC, but just give it a minute. Watch this trailer; just watch it with your face.

Planets³ is that sort of game that happens when designers turn towards other media and try to craft something unique. Everything from the worlds, the colors; it just looks marvelous. There’s also a roleplaying game (RPG) on the inside of it.

It’s possible to build just about anything and that with just about any class, wearing just about any outfit. Roaming around this universe is going to be a blast. Grab a gun, a spear, some techy thing or a sword and ride a jet, a bike or a car through the vast expanses of this greenery. What else would there need to be?

Planets³. voxel PC RPg sandbox

There’s just one catch. Planets³ needs to succeeds in a fairly demanding Kickstarter campaign. Its goal is set at $250,000. That’s a ton of cash for a project 3089, for instance, does for a fraction of it. To counter that, there is a ton of depth, both literally and figuratively, in this RPG.

Just one portion of the campaign seems shady and that’s its stretch goals. With that heightened price, Planets³ is only shipping its core elements. For up to a cool million, it can add incrementally huger aspects of gameplay it’s planning. We’re never a fan of fragmented vision, especially not since the game is still in such an early vision already.

We are, however, positive that Planets³ needs to be supported and funded, since it’s too good to pass up. You can find the Kickstarter page of Planets³ here.


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