First Gameplay Of Tropico 5 Sure Looks Pretty

Publisher Kalypso is getting closer to one of its biggest franchise releases with Tropico 5. It’s due in early summer for PC and Xbox 360. That’s the perfect time to throw out the first few gameplay shots of the city building simulation.

It looks like the tropical island of dictator El Presidente will be the vastest it’s ever been. First off, there are multiple eras to go through, from the early 1800s to future space stuff. It also has different themes, from urban to more idyllic settings. In fact, it looks like the detail it already had is getting quite the boost in Tropico 5. When fully zoomed in, textures look absolutely splendid and the environment is just thriving with activity. There are some press quotes to reflect that idea, but it definitely looks appealing.

Tropico 5 xbox 360 pc sim game screenshots (9)

Oh, along with the summer release, Tropico 5 is also looking forward to the newest generation of consoles. A Playstation 4 launch will follow later this year.


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