5 Easily Overlooked Things That Can Boost Your Titanfall Score (with .Gifs)

Now that Titanfall is finally a thing, we shouldn’t just stop at the things that make it awesome. We’ll also delve into some pointers. Since we like giving the little guy a push, we’ll keep these to quite simple things that you can do, but wouldn’t really be absolutely aware of exist in the first place. Here are five ways to boost your score quite a bit when starting in some rounds of Titanfall:

Titanfall wall running

5. Wall Run, Always

Wall running is immediately laid out, so it’s obvious that this is a thing. Still, what’s less explained is that using wall running gives you a speed boost as a pilot that you don’t get on foot. Therefore, making the most out of it and wall running on every surface not only gets you to places faster, but also increases your mobility against threats. Force yourself to use it at all times and you’ll be unstoppable like The Flash.

Titanfall Titan jump

4. Jump The Titan

Another thing that’s not immediately obvious when going in blind is that you can automatically latch onto a Titan, just by jumping. Nothing else needs to be done; you’ll connect the dots automatically. This option opens up a latch on the hood of the enemy Titan, making it vulnerable for firepower. Beware not to use heavy-duty weaponry on it, because that kills you. Additionally, if the Titan counters with a smoke cloud, bail immediately.

Titanfall Dropship Kill

3. Kill The Dropship

At the end of the round, there’s always this weird dropship coming in to pick up the losing survivors. Instead of focusing on the enemies per se, try to take out the entire ship. Yup, that’s possible. That way, no one gets out alive and your enemy won’t receive any bonuses. Besides, there will still be a second to erase any lingering threats after that, if you’re quick about it, so maximize your advantage.

Titanfall Burn Card Start

2. Burn Card Start

It only comes in for a split second, but once you’ve unlocked Burn Cards, you can use them before the round starts. There’s no need to wait for you to die. When being deployed in the dropship, immediately activate it and you can take your pick. It’s perfect if you have a Titan drop to start off with, as you’ll have a large gap between your advantage and the opposition having to wait for their build to complete.

Titanfall Health Bar

1. Check The Health Bar

This is the easiest yet most vital way to determine whether it’s worth taking on a threat. Between the mess of prompts on the screen, Titans can also have a health bar above them that’s easily overlooked in the chaos. This shows both their health and shield, so you can decide whether you can wipe out the giant robot or not. Pick your battles wisely and you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition!

Happy crushing, pilots.


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