Gamefly Spring Sale Discounts Steam Games Like Injustice, Metro, Saints Row And More

It looks like Gamefly’s digital store is having a sale pretty much every day now, with this week’s Spring Sale debut. It starts off by cutting up to 60% off a few high ranking Steam games.

Among some of the discounts, there are a ton of Deep Silver brands, like the Metro franchise of Saints Row series. Additionally, maybe it’s time to pick up Injustice: Gods Among Us, if you haven’t yet.

Gamefly Steam Spring Sale

To spice up some of these discounts, don’t forget that it’s still possible to cut off an additional 20% from the price by using this voucher:


Other regions may need to use it without the “UK” prefix, but that should work. Hell, you may even satisfy your morbid curiosity by buying Ride to Hell: Retribution for that price. We’d still advise not to do that, but your deal, man.

You can find the Gamefly Spring Sale here.


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