Unholy Heights Could Be Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Good news for fans of the quirky strange game genre, as Unholy Heights is possibly planning to release its PC game onto Nintendo 3DS. This house management game, where players embody Satan renting apartments, is reported by Tiny Cartridge to appear on the Nintendo handheld in Japan.

Unholy Heights

Hopefully, this means that other regions will receive it too, as publisher Playism previously brought the game to Steam for all audiences on PC. It may look like the standard simulation, but Unholy Heights has its own unique swing, where residents meet with combatant for a real-time strategy dynamic.

Rooms attract certain monsters, depending on what they have on the inside. Different units reflect on certain enemies trying to raze the complex and these even get affected by weather. Balancing the whole gets surprisingly tense once the waves start piling up.

Unholy Heights is currently available for just €3.99 on Steam.


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