GameSessions Service Seeks To Give PC Players Full Games Upfront

There’s a new game service coming to PC called GameSessions and it announced a partnership with gaming sites and In addition, it will also team up with gaming TV channel GINX.

Its mission is to bring full releases to players through high speed downloads. GameSessions will allow for full games to be freely used on a trial basis. Though there aren’t any details given about that, it probably means that users get a certain amount of hours with the release, then pay up to play the rest. Publisher Big Fish Games is a fan of that model, for instance.


Previously, major sites like Gamespot partnered with streaming library OnLive for similar deals between a select amount of games and its players. That didn’t turn out too well though, but GameSessions is confident it can succeed.

In a rather odd elaboration on what the service actually does, Ed French of GameSessions stated the following:

No one would preview a movie by listening to just the soundtrack, and no one would try and sell a new album with just a listing of the lyrics. So how come game publishers have to rely on video to sell their great new games?

We’re not exactly sure how the two relate, since demos exist, but there’s bound to be a logic there. GameSessions will soon release a public Beta event. Among its list of head honchos, the company has Chris Deering, the former head of Playstation in Europe, but also Ian Livingstone of Games Workshop and Eidos.

We’re always a fan of people offering the full deal upfront, so hopefully we’ll hear more from this ambitious project shortly.


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