Hilde Joins Roster In SoulCalibur Lost Swords Gameplay Video

Publisher Namco Bandai today confirmed Hilde as a new character joining the roster in SoulCalibur Lost Swords on Playstation 3. A clip shows off some of the quite sparkly gameplay.

In SoulCalibur Lost Swords, Hilde will be dubbed Rebuilder of her Motherland as the Commander in Chief of the Wolfkrone Army. Fancy titles; it means that she’s a fierce warrior.

Hilde is a testament to the more sensible design choices from this particularly tined fighter genre. Her female peers weren’t always as lucky as to be put inside of fully covering armor, without too many ridiculous bends. Just for that, we’ll forgive the 1 butt angle the camera takes in the trailer for a split second. They’re scaling way down on that, not scaling up, so take your victories where they may be.

Sooulcalibur-lost-swords-hilde gameplay gif

SoulCalibur Lost Swords will be a free-to-play rendition of the franchise. It introduces some neat game elements such as elemental attacks fused into the weapon system of the fighting title.

SoulCalibur Lost Swords will release in 2014.


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