Get Games Square Enix Sale Discounts 30 Steam Titles At 75%

Online store Get Games is keeping things a little more traditional after multiple Get Loaded promotions, as this weekend it has a Square Enix sale. In total, this event that focuses on classic games will have 30 Steam games up for grabs.

Get Games Square Enix Classics Sale

Nearly all games included in the large list will only set you back about €2. In any case, each title receives a 75% discount, so even those that go above that price are still ridiculously cheap. If you want a few suggestions of things you may have missed, we’ll oblige with a list below:

  • Anachronox – €1.49
  • Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain – €1.49
  • Project Snowblind – €1.49
  • Startopia – €1.99
  • Urban Chaos – €1.99
  • Thief: Gold – €1.74

In particular, if you’re wanting to step back from the onslaught of current mainstream releases beating you over the head, this is the perfect place to score a classic and dive in. You really can’t go wrong with a lot of choices, but for anything that is holy, don’t buy Daikatana, not even through sheer curiosity. Don’t do it.

You can find the Get Games Square Enix Classics sale here.


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