Level Up Wear Adds Amazing Titanfall Shirts, Mugs, Tags And More To Official Merch

Manufacturer Level Up Wear is teaming up with games again to release a range of official Titanfall gear for its premium items. Previously, the company already did so with a primo selection of Bethesda brands, including amazing Dishonored shirts, Fallout goods and more.

Once more, the lineup of merchandise will include many shirts for a price that isn’t cheap, but not exactly too demanding either for the work that’s done on them. A range of clothes featuring the Titans in the game, as well as the factions, will set you back €19.99 each. We’re partial to that amazing Atlas Outpost version ourselves.

Aside from just shirts, merch still includes some dog tags, an affordable beanie like that dude in inFamous: Second Son wears, mugs and a bag.

Shipping in Europe is set at a reasonably standard €5.95 for most orders, though buying in bulk can be better, as shipping above €50 is free. This isn’t the case for delivery outside of Europe though. Moreover, purchasing items on Level Up Wear works with a reward points system. For instance, a shirt nets 100 points and costs 1000 points. Therefore, you’ll be able to have your loyalty there pay off after a while.

Don’t forget to look into the rest of our Titanfall coverage. We selected the best parts and even handed out some tips of easily overlooked pointers.

We’ll give you some of the cooler Titanfall merch in a gallery below. You can find the Level Up Wear Titanfall gear here.

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