505 Games Dumps Takedown At 90% Again, Rekoil 80% After Two Months – Oh, The War Z 90% Too

A month after Takedown: Red Sabre was dumped at a discount of 90%, it’s back to that price until March 26, 2014. It’s pretty much not a sale anymore at this point, but this is publisher 505 Games’ modus operandi. It previously did the same for the recently released How To Survive. Takedown red sabre Takedown: Red Sabre received horrible reception at launch, because it just wasn’t as functional as its promising Kickstarter campaign would’ve made it appear. Originally, it was spearheaded by a designer behind the original Rainbow Six games and Halo. Unfortunately, Takedown: Red Sabre was rather choppy, to put it lightly. Find that here. rekoil Now, multiplayer shooter Rekoil has joined in. It’s the exact same story. Publisher 505 Games owns it, its launch was incredibly troubled and it was since lambasted with criticism. Here, the solution is to dump the game at a 80% discount until March 26, 2014. When did Rekoil officially release? January 28, 2014. It’s not been out for two months and it’s being sold for a fraction of its original price, for an extended period of time. Find that here.

We know this is a problem that stands with the publisher, but as no one wants this to end, there’s not much to do about that, except for reporting it. Consumers win in the end, though “winning” may not be the right term when you’re buying broken games. THE WAR Z 75% OFF STEAM On an unrelated note, The War Z, which is now called Infestation: Survivor Stories, is also back in the dumping range at a 90% discount. You can get that too, if you need a shooter like no other man has ever needed a shooter. It actually looks much, much better these days. Find that here.


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