Early Access Game ‘Snow’ Gets Updated With Sombreros And Animations

Early Access game Snow has received another large update that switches around and adjusts some previous implementations. These are explained in a gameplay commentary clip.

For instance, the interface is once more adjusted for more visibility. Additionally, new gear is present in the shop, which also includes a few fun items, like a sombrero. Some animations in the shop screen should make things look livelier.

On the mountain itself, the free-to-play skiing game has updated its previously included spawn camera. It’s now panned out to reveal more of the environment, to give a clearer view of the area. Moreover, the camera behind the player is scaled back a bit as well, to increase a sense of speed.

Another earlier implementation, that of loading up spins, has received a basic animation. You can see the character twisting their arms before jumps.

In the effects category, Snow will now display some ski trails. In the clip, the developer mentions time was put into ensuring that these would not hinder performance. Similar things are true for the ski particle effects that fly around during gameplay.

While free later on, Snow currently requires an entry fee on Steam through its Early Access program. There’s a blog post detailing some other fixes in the update, such as the use of an updated CryEngine.

Snow steam early access free to play game


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