Got $100 To Spare? Pick Up A Pricey Galactic Civilizations III On Steam Early Access

Strategy paragon Galactic Civlizations III has appeared on Steam through the Early Access program for a staggering price of €99.99. On the page itself, it states that this is the price you pay to get a lot less game:

The game is in an early alpha state. Please be aware that the game isn’t actually, well, fun yet. Major systems are unfinished and content is severely limited.

So, you get to pay out a cool hundred bucks for the privilege of being one of the first to do so. That certainly won’t do anything for the PC elitist stereotype, certainly not as the 4X genre can be a little dry for outsiders. Making matters worse, the build is also restricted to 64-bit machines for now, though the Windows 7 part seems sensible for an advanced game that will ultimately release for PC in 2015.

Galactic Civilizations III early access steam $100

So, what can you get for that price? Four of eight races are included: Drengin, Terran, Altarian, and the new Iridium. These can unlock the first technological era and there’s a new Ideology element. Since the game only has war setting and no diplomacy so far, it’s only possible to win by conquest.

Other things included in the Founder’s Elite Edition of Galactic Civilizations III include access to all future downloadable content (DLC) when it becomes available. Those who actually sign in their mandatory Stardock account and play the game during the Elite period will also be able to suggest a star name and get their own special thanks in the credits. There’s also exclusive art and a forum badge in that package.

Galactic Civilizations III early access steam $100

Previously, Uber Entertainment pulled a similar exclusive offer for Planetary Annihilation, when it originally released for about $90. Paying a lot more for a lot less entertaining content seems backwards logic to us, which is why the majority of Early Access offers titles at a discount, to be boosted towards release. Galactic Civilizations III must be very aware of its fan base that will jump at the chance to play. Hopefully, they serve that niche well for that price.

Break out your Velcro wallet and grab Galactic Civilizations III here.


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