You’ll Soon Be Able To Park A Car With Your 3DS…Sort Of

Publisher Circle Entertainment has sent off its latest mini-title, Parking Star 3D for Nintendo 3DS, to the NOA Lot Check, which is an overseeing establishment that rates the quality of games for Nintendo. This means it should be hopefully be approved for sale shortly.

Alongside the submission, Circle also released some details on the game’s content. Here’s a list of features:

  • 5 city levels that include: Beijing, Dubai, Paris, Tokyo, and New York
  • 40 maps to explore.
  • 4 different vehicle types that have their own unique properties.
  • 7 different paint jobs for your car.
  • Replay any unlocked level to earn more stars and spend them on better cars

In Parking Star 3D, the goal is simply to park a car from a top-down view. This comes in different situations, such as a busy street lot or a beach venue. On the touchscreen, you’ll be able to see controls for your car, indicating the gas, shift and steering wheel. We have received some screenshots, which we’ll post below.


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