Zavvi Sale Has Cheap Deus Ex, F1, Rayman, CoD Ghosts, ZombiU And More

Online store zavvi has its usual sale thing going on for the weekend, but you might pick up some better games than usual. It happens to them from time to time. We’ll list you the best ones below. Unless otherwise noted, you should be able to find the games discounted for all their versions:

  •          Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut (Xbox 360) – $6.15
  •          F1 2013 (PC) – $9.85
  •          ZombiU – €9.85
  •          Anarchy Reigns – €9.85
  •          Rayman Legends – €15.99
  •          Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) – €18.45

Zavvi game sale

There’s an interesting selection of a few more titles at a fair discount, but those are the better picks. For instance, a lot of Wii U games are around €12. Try out Anarchy Reigns and its multiplayer component from our selection, if you haven’t yet.

You can find the full zavvi sale here.


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