Announced GBA eShop Games Are On 3DS Right Now, Even Though They’re Not

Recently, Nintendo announced it would finally start dropping some Gameboy Advance (GBA) games on the Virtual Console, which is great, because that era was amazing. Well, there are few Nintendo eras that aren’t amazing, but that’s beside the point.

Strangely enough though, the games thrown out there are mostly just coming to Nintendo Wii U and that just doesn’t make any sense for one particular reason: These games already exist on Nintendo 3DS. Not in the way there’s a remake or any of the sort; several GBA titles are, right now, on Nintendo 3DS, except they aren’t sold. This covers announced games like Metroid Fusion, which arrived this week, along with WarioWare and a few others.

Metroid Fusion nintendo eshop gba game 3DS wii u virtual console

These games were initially handed to early adopters of a Nintendo 3DS through the Ambassador Program, as Nintendo and fans felt that those who bought the handheld at its elevated launch price were wronged. That’s a classy move, because the deal offered about 20 neat titles, such as those announced now.

So, why drop these on Wii U and not 3DS? It’s literally already there, nothing needs to be done. Games already work, which means they completed whatever pipeline they had to go through. They’re stored on a place that allows them to be redownloaded, so there’s no room that needs to be allocated to fit them on the Nintendo eShop. I know, because I’m playing some on Nintendo 3DS right now. Only one thing needs to be done and that’s actually put them on the 3DS part of the eShop, like they are for Wii U.

It’s pretty mystifying that, once more, Nintendo seems to handle its online policies fully at random. At the very least, they could’ve announced these GBA titles to launch later on, for whatever reason fits them. It just makes no sense, at all.

warioware inc nintendo eshop gba game 3DS wii u virtual console

And to those touting exclusivity: The Nintendo 3DS has been out for 3 years now. That means that you’ve had two full years to play these GBA titles. There is no possible way you could’ve accessed them later than that, since you were required to have a 3DS from the start. Two years of exclusivity should be enough for you to want to share your toys, which are being sold now anyway.

In-crowds suck, even if you’re a part of it. I want people to enjoy the same awesome things I’m enjoying. Make it happen, Ninty.


5 thoughts on “Announced GBA eShop Games Are On 3DS Right Now, Even Though They’re Not

  1. I have to agree with you on this. My guess? This is another way to try to make the Wii U exclusive and increase its sales. Make it so you can ONLY get GBA VC on Wii U, at least until sales pick up.

  2. I have to agree with GameXPosure. It feels like they’re taking away stuff from the 3DS to boost the WiiU. Dr. Luigi is another example. That game feels like it would be far better for a portable than a console.

    • I disagree with Dr. Luigi. They clearly made the game from scratch on Wii U. 3DS might get a Dr. Mario or Yoshi Puzzle game though.

  3. I think it works fine on my Wii U. I bought Metroid Fusion. I do know that if I look in the eShop on my Wii U it will show me games available for 3DS, so this does not seem weird to me that the 3DS eShop will show titles for Wii U.

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